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ETAG’s Turnkey Package Services


The advisors at the EdTech Advisory Group (ETAG) have a wide range of experience to support our clients’ business growth at every stage. In addition to our Customized Solutions Consulting, check out these specialized Turnkey Package Services developed to appropriately support the critical needs of EdTech companies.  


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  • Business Evaluation Services   - one (1) month engagement

    • Review and Analysis of Current Products and Services

    • Assessment of all Business Systems and Procedures

    • Provide Full Report on Business Health and Recommendations for Growth


  • Investment and Financial Planning Services

    • Define Investment Options

    • Develop Back Office Systems, including Invoicing & Accounts Receivable/Payable

    • Provide Investor Introductions, and offer Cash Flow and Financial Planning Strategy


  • Product Roadmap Services

    • Define Size of Market, Competitive Landscape, SWOT Analysis

    • Create Roadmap and Go-to-Market Plan

    • Review and Enhance Marketing and Sales Strategy

    • Provide Build or Buy Recommendations to Ensure Roadmap Strength


  • Sales Team Development Services

    • Provide CRM Set-up/Improvement including Systematic Lead Scoring and Tracking

    • Set-up an Outsourced Sales Team and/or Hiring Support

    • Evaluate Sales Channels and Develop a Lead Generation Plan

    • Improve Sales Tools and Presentations


  • 90-Day Kickstart Marketing Plan Services

    • Review and Analysis of Current Products and Services

    • Recommend Marketing and Sales Strategy

    • Create a 90-day Marketing Roadmap

    • Identify the best targets for the products/service offering


  • Board of Directors Support Services

    • Create a Board of Directors, including Bylaws and Guidelines

    • Organize Meetings, Set Agendas and Record Minutes

    • Provide Content and Plan for External Communications


Pricing Options


  • Business Evaluation - 1 month, $X,000

  • Turnkey Packages - Typically three (3) – six (6) month engagement for a set price

  • Custom Solutions Consulting, by contract

  • Monthly Retainer, Commissions and/or Sales Team Salary

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